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Term and Rehearsal Dates

HYM Term Dates 2017/18

Autumn Term 2017

Term starts on Sat 16 September

Half-Term is from Sat 21 October to Sat 28 October inclusive

Term ends on Sat 09 December


Spring Term 2018

Term starts on Wed 3 January

Half-Term is from Sat 10 February to Sat 17 February inclusive

Term ends on Fri 23 March


Summer Term 2018

Term starts on Wed 11 April

Half-Term is from Sat 26  May to Sat 2 June inclusive

Term ends on Sat 14 July



Wednesday Rehearsals 2017/18
Steel rehearsal dates for 2017 to 2018

Thursday and Friday rehearsals 2017/18
Rehearsal dates for Thursday and Friday groups for 2017 to 2018

Saturday Rehearsals 2017/18

Rehearsal dates for Saturday Groups at Hatch End for 2017 to 2018