Urgent message

A member of the Philharmonic who was present at last Friday’s rehearsal (18 June) fell ill on Saturday, and tested positive for Covid on Sunday. Those members of the orchestra in close proximity have been notified individually, but, as a precaution, there will be no rehearsal this Friday (25 June). See you all next week 2 July.

Wednesday’s strings and band rehearsals (23 June) will take place as normal.

Philharmonic concert at Harrow School Speech Room

Harrow School has confirmed the Speech Room concert originally scheduled for 11 July can go ahead as hoped on Friday 23 July. Thanks to them.

HYM groups

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Wednesday Band – Wednesdays 6-7.30pm

Philharmonic Orchestra – Fridays 6.30-9pm


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HYM is offering free membership this term.