HYM Covid Guidelines

Please behave sensibly and respect that we are guests at Avanti.

  • Do not attend rehearsal if you have a temperature, new continuous cough, a loss of taste or smell, or have recently been in contact with someone with the virus.
  • Parents, please drop off and pick up in car park. Parents cannot enter school.
  • No physical contact. Apart from members of same family keep socially distanced.
  • There will be no stand sharing so everyone please bring a music stand.
  • Wear a mask. Keep mask on until rehearsal is ready to start and conductor indicates mask removal. Put mask back on at end of rehearsal.
  • Avanti has good supply of hand sanitiser at entrance. Please use it.
  • Brass, please bring tissues to wipe floor at end of rehearsal. The school will be cleaned after we leave, but it will be courteous on our part to leave the school as we find it.